Doll-4ever company, goes in partnership with Doll House 168 company, the Taiwanese adult doll specialist, to create an innovative manufacturing and distributing group of dolls.
The objective will be to create a real transformation for the two companies, establish a group and structure capable of intervening in a more competitive way on a large scale in all fields, from productions to sales for example. The two entities will be able to significantly increase their sizes and product offerings, improve their capacities in different markets and diversify their end-customer base. The combination will also help increase their presence in different countries, upon the strategic goals of becoming a leader in the field of adult dolls.
The adventure begins with the new range of premium Piper Doll products.

DOLL-4EVER and DOLL HOUSE 168 team.

TPE doll-4ever a homemade formula

Our TPE formula is placed in the category of the most realistic to the touchdown with a sensation close to the human skin. resistant and easier to maintain, it can easily be repaired in case of tearing.
For the creation of our dolls we use 2 types of TPE.
TPE Platinum : Thermoplastic Elastomer is a very high quality and chirurgical material. The feeling touch is very close to the skin, more resistant than the standard and easier to maintain.
TPE Standard : Thermoplastic Elastomer more economical than the Platinum, it needs a little more care and to be regularly cleaned.

There will be sustained chronic oil generated from the doll’s body, which will vary depending on the materials of the dolls. Generally, the oil generation condition will be slight for the dolls made of advanced silicone, and it will be more obvious for TPE-made dolls. After the oil is generated, the feeling to touch the doll will become worse (unsmooth, sticky) and is easy to stick dust. Therefore, in order to keep the doll body smooth and soft for touch, the regular maintenance is particularly important.
Maintenance is very simple, and all you need are the prickly heat powder sold on the market and a group of baby powder puff box. You just need to spread the prickly heat powder evenly on the doll body.
If the dolls are accidentally contaminated with dirt or dust, you can try to wipe with the wet towel together with body wash. If the dirt cannot be cleaned with the body wash, try to remove it by using cleansing oil. If the cleansing oil cannot remove the dirt, then it may be staining (described below). In case of a large range of dirt on the dolls, you can take the doll directly to the bathroom for cleaning (when the surrounding conditions allow). For water temperature, the dolls can tolerate the temperature as long as it is within the scope for the skin of genuine people.
TPE-made dolls are more sensitive to temperature. Remember not to “disinfect” the dolls made of TPE with the excessive high water temperature (above 60 degrees Celsius), otherwise the TPE material may deform due to high temperature.
Cleaning after use :
No matter how you clean you dolls, remember to cover her with the towel and gently “pat dry”, after cleaning. Do not wipe hard to avoid scratches on the surface of the doll. For the internal channel, you can roll the thicker paper towel into it and suck away the water.
Remember to spray the baby powder after the doll if fully dried so as to keep the best feeling of touch to the doll’s skin.

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Something we wanna share about the Hong-Kong Asia Adult Expo 2017

Hello all the doll lovers,

As you may know that Doll-forever just participated in the 2017 Asia Adult Expo in Hong Kong. We’ve gained so much during the expo, we also received support and agreements from many vendors, that’s why we’re filled with confidence towards our products and future!

During the expo, a lot of customers would stop by at our booth and inquire about the dolls, I would ask them “Have you seen the dolls from the other manufacturers? If you haven’t, please do it first, then come back to us. If I tell you now that our products are the best among all the dolls available at the expo, you’ll assume that I’m lying to you or being arrogant. We hope you can go see and compare by yourselves, then tell me who are the best. We’re not afraid of the customers who love to compare, we’re afraid of the customers who don’t know how to do it.”

A lot of customers came to our booth and kept asking about the prices, for the customers who only care for the prices, it’s really hard for us to play along, we can only suggest them to make a comparison between our products and the products from many other manufacturers, our products deserve every penny we ask for.

A lot of customers don’t seem to understand how to judge a doll, you can actually tell from three ways, which are vision, touch and smell.

Firstly, you should use your eyes to see if the doll attracts you, if her skin seems soft and is equipped with natural gloss, and if her surface is saturated instead of filled with bumps and hollows.

Secondly, you should use your hands to touch the doll to see if the body is soft and flexible, if her breasts jiggle. You can also use your hands to slap her hip to see if it feels close to a real human.

Finally, use your nose to sniff the doll to see if she smells.

After the customers made a tour at the expo and got back to our booth, I let them feel our products and we got the following feedbacks from them:
“Wow! This TPE material is so soft, I’ve seen products from many manufacturers, none of them is equipped with such soft and flexible material, the breasts of their dolls are so hard, I really don’t understand what you can do with such hard breasts!”

“I’ve seen products from many manufacturers, they look really similar, the materials and appearances of the dolls are almost identical, they seem like cheap copies.”

Many customers told me, “The TPE materials from the other manufacturers smell either really fragrant or really stink, but your dolls are odorless, it’s quite amazing!” I would let them know that, “Yes, the dolls smell fragrant because the manufacturers have to use a lot of essence to cover the original bad smell from the materials, if the dolls stink, it’s because they didn’t use any. We use premium material to produce the dolls, it’s odorless, that’s why we don’t need to add anything at all.”

The customers also informed me that our dolls were the most special among all the dolls at the expo, they looked so different. I would let them know that, “Yes, it’s because we have many brilliant sculptors in our team, we design and sculpture the dolls all by ourselves, we’ll never copy from anyone.”

During the expo, the boss of a well-known TPE sex doll manufacturer also came over to our booth and studied our products, to her big surprise, the material we used to make the dolls is so amazing!

This experience makes us full of confidence, it shows us that thriving for excellence and trying our best to bring out the best products for our customers is the right thing to do. Although we might be facing up with the pressure from the old big brands and the competition from the shameless copycats, we believe our endeavors and excellent products will help us win over the customers in the near future.

A further introduction about Doll-4ever’s products

In order to help the customers establish a better understanding of Doll-4ever and our products, we have something to share with all the doll lovers out there.

Doll-4ever is a T.P.E. sex dolls manufacturer, our T.P.E. material comes without any peculiar smell, which makes it amazingly delightful to spend time with our dolls. Why is that important? Just imagine you’re dating a girl who wears horrible perfume all the time, it will be really hard for you to enjoy spending time with her, right? When it comes to owning a T.P.E. sex doll, it’s the same situation.

Our T.P.E. material comes with excellent softness, elasticity and strong ability to resist deformation. Upon that, it’s also provided with the characteristics of outstanding resilience and tear resistance. It doesn’t mean the dolls will be damage proof, but they won’t easily get impaired either.

Doll-4ever made some big improvements for their newest products, amongst all of them, the new neck design is definitely the most seductive. Most of the T.P.E. sex dolls available in the market are equipped with neck joint made of coiled pipe, to avoid the creepy noises coming from every twist of the neck, Doll-4ever replaced it with premium stainless steel hinge. We also adopted two-part form double joints design for the neck, the new design not only makes it much easier to install the head, but also prevents the head from being in the awkward positions.

The wrists and ankles of the dolls will come with hinges inside as well, their waists will be able to bend to the left and right sides.

The base of the vagina channel will be sealed completely, which will prevent the water from coming into the inside of the body during the cleaning.

All in all, the Doll-4ever dolls excel in vision, touch, and material performance, we made all the improvements to guarantee our customers an easier and more smooth operation.

TPE vs Silicone Sex Dolls

Meta description
This infographic shows the main differences between silicone and TPE sex dolls, whether fat or skinny, big or small.

TPE vs Silicone Sex Dolls: Infographic
For those who are new to the world of love dolls, there’s one question which usually arises at some stage: what’s the difference between TPE and silicone sex dolls?
The infographic below summarises the main differences in an easy-to-understand table. In terms of money – nearly always a serious consideration – silicone requires a fat wallet. TPE on the other hand, can cost significantly less.

From skinny to pregnant and fat dolls, TPE is highly versatile
TPE – which stands for thermoplastic elastomer – is a comparatively new material, having been developed in the 1950s. Modern incarnations of TPE offer more durability and better elasticity than early versions, making it ideal for sex toys – including sex dolls. Love dolls require large quantities of either TPE or silicone, so cheaper TPE is popular among manufacturers and buyers alike.
The bigger the doll, the more costly it is to make – which is why lower cost TPE has made it more feasible to create fat or pregnant love dolls, for example. It has also made the manufacture of full-size love dolls much more possible.
The affordability of TPE has made it possible to fulfil all manner of fantasies. Another example is the love doll with a big butt or bottom – which if made from silicone would simply cost too much.

TPE – meeting customers’ desires
How realistic a sex doll is depends on the beholder – of course – but amazingly authentic looking dolls have been made in both materials. Many say TPE breasts are more realistic, while TPE skin has a more authentic texture and lustre, whereas silicone can seem a little too shiny of ‘plasticky’ to some eyes.

Silicone however remains a good material which is easy to clean and offers a high degree of durability, but the cost implications mean that many of the world’s leading sex doll manufacturers are looking to TPE in order to meet their customers’ desires.