New! Piper Doll

Discovery our new design doll Risako.
160cm Plus Big Breast Body.
For their Fantasy series dolls, the head will be seamlessly attached to the body,
this is the concept for Piper Doll.

Enjoy doll-4ever team.


Doll-4ever company, goes in partnership with Doll House 168 company, the Taiwanese adult doll specialist, to create an innovative manufacturing and distributing group of dolls.
The objective will be to create a real transformation for the two companies, establish a group and structure capable of intervening in a more competitive way on a large scale in all fields, from productions to sales for example. The two entities will be able to significantly increase their sizes and product offerings, improve their capacities in different markets and diversify their end-customer base. The combination will also help increase their presence in different countries, upon the strategic goals of becoming a leader in the field of adult dolls.
The adventure begins with the new range of premium Piper Doll products.

DOLL-4EVER and DOLL HOUSE 168 team.

TPE doll-4ever a homemade formula

Our TPE formula is placed in the category of the most realistic to the touchdown with a sensation close to the human skin. resistant and easier to maintain, it can easily be repaired in case of tearing.
For the creation of our dolls we use 2 types of TPE.
TPE Platinum : Thermoplastic Elastomer is a very high quality and chirurgical material. The feeling touch is very close to the skin, more resistant than the standard and easier to maintain.
TPE Standard : Thermoplastic Elastomer more economical than the Platinum, it needs a little more care and to be regularly cleaned.

There will be sustained chronic oil generated from the doll’s body, which will vary depending on the materials of the dolls. Generally, the oil generation condition will be slight for the dolls made of advanced silicone, and it will be more obvious for TPE-made dolls. After the oil is generated, the feeling to touch the doll will become worse (unsmooth, sticky) and is easy to stick dust. Therefore, in order to keep the doll body smooth and soft for touch, the regular maintenance is particularly important.
Maintenance is very simple, and all you need are the prickly heat powder sold on the market and a group of baby powder puff box. You just need to spread the prickly heat powder evenly on the doll body.
If the dolls are accidentally contaminated with dirt or dust, you can try to wipe with the wet towel together with body wash. If the dirt cannot be cleaned with the body wash, try to remove it by using cleansing oil. If the cleansing oil cannot remove the dirt, then it may be staining (described below). In case of a large range of dirt on the dolls, you can take the doll directly to the bathroom for cleaning (when the surrounding conditions allow). For water temperature, the dolls can tolerate the temperature as long as it is within the scope for the skin of genuine people.
TPE-made dolls are more sensitive to temperature. Remember not to “disinfect” the dolls made of TPE with the excessive high water temperature (above 60 degrees Celsius), otherwise the TPE material may deform due to high temperature.
Cleaning after use :
No matter how you clean you dolls, remember to cover her with the towel and gently “pat dry”, after cleaning. Do not wipe hard to avoid scratches on the surface of the doll. For the internal channel, you can roll the thicker paper towel into it and suck away the water.
Remember to spray the baby powder after the doll if fully dried so as to keep the best feeling of touch to the doll’s skin.

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