Doll Ariel – 140 cm


Doll-forever has been working together with the famous Taiwanese designer and photographer Mr. Mizuwali to develop the new brand “Piper Doll” for a long time.
For their Fantasy series dolls, the head will be seamless attached to the body.
To make the co-operation further, Piper Doll (Mr. Mizuwali) will be focusing on the sales of the Japanese and Taiwanese market and Doll-forever take over the rest of the world.

• Material : Platinum TPE
• Height : 140cm
• Weight : 28kg
• Shoulder : 37cm
• Bust : 75cm
• Under Bust : 51cm
• Waist : 45cm
• Hips : 85cm
• Length of Arm : 43 cm
• Length of Leg : 72 cm
• Feet : 18.5cm
• Depth of Oral : 14cm
• Depth of Anal : 16cm
• Depth of Vagina : 18cm
• Carton Size : 144x38x26cm

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– The doll is made of encapsulated TPE, which makes it integrated molded, soft and elastic, and feel like a real person.

– Inside the doll there is a flexible stainless steel skeleton whose maximum flexibility can reach 70% of that of a real person. It can be posed differently for use, photograph and admiration.

– Though the doll is seamless and integrated molded, it is a molded and handmade product, so to some degree, there exist signs of sprue lines on its body, during adjustment.

– Eyes of the doll can be adjusted as needed, but pay attention not to damaging the eyelashes during adjustment.

– Dolls of over 100cm in height all have mouths, vaginas and anuses three passages that can be used. Mouths and anuses are undetachable while vaginas are detachable and are divided into built-in types and insert types. But there is no difference between appearances and shapes of private parts of detachable and integrated dolls.

– It is natural that the skin surface of the doll may continuously get a little bit greasy.

– It is natural that the new doll smells slightly due to TPE characteristics. Please place the doll in where it is ventilated and the smell will disappear naturally after a period of time.

– There may be some deviation in the doll’s height, BWH measurements and other data due to different measurement methods. Please notice that the data posted on the official website is not absolute.

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Skins Ton Colors

White, Pink White, Honey Light, Slight Tan, Dark Tan


Normal, E.V.O.

Lip Option

Normal, Coating


Hollow, Solid

Areola Sizes

Areola 3cm, Areola 4cm, Areola 5cm

Areola Colors

Natural, Pink, Light Brown, Dark Brown

Eyes Colors

Blue, Blue-Green, Brown, Green, Purple, Red, White, Yellow


Wig-05, Wig-08, Wig-13, Wig-18, Wig-19, Wig-20, Wig-22, Wig-23, Wig-24, Wig-25, Wig-29, Wig-31

Fingernails Colors

French Manucure Pink, French Manucure Natural, Reddish Orange, Pink, White Pearl, Red, Blue Sky, Purple Pearl, Yellow Pearl, Blue Pearl

Vagina Option

Built-In, Insert

Pubic Hair Colors

Pubic No Hair, Pubic Hair Black, Pubic Hair Brown, Pubic Hair Blonde

Labia Colors

Natural, Pink, Light Brown, Dark Brown

Feet Option

Feet Normal, Feet Standing

Toenails Colors

French Manucure Pink, Pink, Red, Natural, Lavender, White Fluo, Yellow Fluo, Blue Sky, Brown