Head Liana


Hello, I love looking at me naked in front of the mirror.
I am open has all the proposals and positions.
I like that, if you customize me, silk is my favorite subject.
My name is Liana.

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Product Description

– The doll is made of encapsulated TPE, which makes it integrated molded, soft and elastic
and feel like a real person.

– Eyes of the doll can be adjusted as needed, but pay attention not to damaging the eyelashes during adjustment.

– It is natural that the skin surface of the doll may continuously get a little bit greasy.

– It is natural that the new doll smells slightly due to TPE characteristics. Please place the doll in where it is ventilated and the smell will disappear naturally after a period of time.

– There may be some deviation in the doll’s height, BWH measurements and other data due to different measurement methods. Please notice that the data posted on the official website is not absolute.

Additional Information

Skins Ton Colors

White, Pink White, Honey Light, Slight Tan, Dark Tan

Lip Option

Normal, Coating

Eyes Colors

Blue, Blue-Green, Brown, Green, Purple, Red, White, Yellow


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